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, whether its iran, you have been all over the .ap >> president obama and mitt romney tackling foreign-policy debate.heir final two weeks until the election. they will retu to the campaign trail today. good morning, washington. tuesday, october 23. i am steve chenevey. >> i am natasha barrett. let's get straight to meteorologist jacqui jeras. warm temperatures yesterday, 73 degrees. today, we will top that. we have a few clouds this morning with mild temperatures, national, 53 at dulles, 46 in frederick, 54 in winchester. have a south wind today with mid-level and high level clouds. sunny today with a high temperature of 75-80 degrees. interesting things by the weekend. we will detailed added a few minutes. first, traffic would jamee whitten. >> it is quiet. not much to tell you about. this is when we watch construction wrapping up. have in tysons on the beltway. 66, no problems. 395, there's some road work. travel lanes are open in arlington. here we are near glebe road. the maryland beltway, they have busy overnight, over the branch, between new ,ampshire avenue and university been p
and mitt romney will face off at lynn university in boca raton, florida. >> the focus will be foreign policy. brandi hitt has a preview. >> it is their third and final showdown. tonight's presidential debate in florida is focused on for policy, a topic that has already drawn fire works. >> it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terror. to get the transcript. >> he did in fact. >> they will go at it again over the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. iran will also be a high topic after it was reported the u.s. and iran have agreed to one-on- one talks. >>the white house quickly denied the but there's a meeting set but says it's open to one-on-one talks. president obama has been preparing for the debate at camp david. and mitt romney in florida where he gave this advice during a football game. corrects figure out which of their players is best chance to take him out early. >> one poll shows the president with a lead. and another poll shows it is a dead heat. instead of circling each other attended -- the candidates will be sitting. abc news, f
to the republican ticket, mitt romney and paul ryan attending a rally in iowa today. paul ryan will also campaign in alabama. ann romney campaigning in virginia beach, with an expert and richmond. arizona senator john mccain stumping for romney in woodbridge and in fairfax. >> jim moran speaking out about the criminal probe into his son's actions. arlington police launched an investigation after a conservative group released an undercover video of patrick moran allegedly giving a plan to commit the voter fraud. he doespatrick resigned from the campaign. >> there's a new report revealing where wealthy singles are located in the d.c. area. >> and what wall street is watching today. linda bell has more from bloomberg in new york. >> we're watching apple. stock-index futures indicating a lower open. dropping 100 points for the dow jones. apple is spending more to refresh its product line to keep up with samsung. apple sold your ipads in the than what analysts predicted, mainly because customers were waiting for the ipad mini. the pentagon may be able to help out apple's business. it plans to open its
. president obama travels to colorado today. >> mitt romney will appear in nevada and iowa. an idea of hummable watched the third and final debate on monday -- just shy of 60 million viewers tune in, the smallest audience of the debates by comparison. 10.7 million people watched monday night football. 8.1 million people turned in for game seven of the nlcs between the giants and cardinals. >> the presidential nominees will be making appearances next month -- this is according to sports business daily, who says both campaigns to make the final bush -- push for voters during the game on nov. 5 , one day before the election. both campaigns expressed interest in appearing on espn 's morning radio show. >> mitt romney's son tagg has apologized to the president after saying he wanted to take a swing at him. during the final debate, his son walked onstage, shook hands, and talked with the president. >> business news -- it could be a good date for facebook shareholders. >> linda bell joins us from bloomberg in new york now. >> good morning. let's talk about yesterday. a suit plunge for the
never met donald trump. >> that was a pretty good one minor. mitt romney will hold campaign events today in all highfill. lyon will attend rallies in virginia and charlottesville and bristow. >> microsoft's new tablets is good enough to take on the ipad greg. it's investors take a bite out of apple as it reports earnings. linda bell joins us from bloomberg headquarters. >> a highly anticipated report from apple. it is the world's largest company, valued at $575 billion. it will report clquarterly earnings after the closing bell today. microsoft has its new tablets. the company will not say how many applications are available for it. sources say that facebook did not create an application for microsoft. new census data reveals a young adults aged 25 through 29 are leaving college towns or their parents' homes and heading out of state. there are testing out portland, seattle, austin, which have growing technology industries. chipotle mexican grill is considering breakfast items. that story and more coming up in the next hour. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> 4:38 right now, 60 degre
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5